Do I need a Agent?
AThe days of a typical parent or family attorney competently representing a NFL player are over. The nuances of contract negotiations, pre-draft conditioning and career counseling have reached the point where only a full-time experienced professional can fully meet the needs of his clients. Any player, who is willing to put his career in the hands of anyone less, is likely underestimating the complexities of modern representation.
What is a fair fee for an Agent ?
AAs of 1999, the NFLPA permits agents to charge a commission of only 3% of a player’s salary. Some agents, however, mask their fees by charging their clients for routine business expenses.
When Should an Agent get paid?
AYour agent should only be paid as you get paid, not before. Do not agree to pay an agent up front for anything.
What should I sign?
AEvery player who is represented by a NFLPA Certified Contract Advisor is required to sign a “Standard Representation Agreement” (available from the NFLPA or Sports Capital Group on request). This agreement should be read carefully and should never be signed with spaces left blank.

Some states require a “notice” be attached to the contract. This is to notify the player that under state law he has a certain period to terminate the representation agreement without any repercussions. You can contact us to find out what notice your state requires, if any.

What should be in the “Representation Agreement”?
AAn agreement between an agent and a player should contain:

  • The NFLPA Standard Representation Agreement.
  • Any state required notice(s), if any.
  • Additional services to be provided by the agent.
  • Any fees to be paid by the player for additional services.


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